This track is probably the most personal and emotional track from our upcoming album. It tells the story of the day Mikey’s Dad died and everything he went through to try and be at his bedside before he passed away. This song documents everything he felt and thought in that time and the emphatic plea for him to please, just breathe until he could get to him...

BURN is a tongue in cheek look at the state of the world, kind of one of those if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry type moments. No matter where you turn right now you find the world in complete disarray, and it doesn’t take too cynical of a mind to think that humanity is doomed… This song plays with the idea that perhaps we have let it go too far, we are beyond the tipping point and the only thing left to do is to sit back and watch it burn…

GODDESS is love, it's lust, sex, desire, devotion, adoration and hopeless, eternal connection. It's both crippling affection and white, hot eternal love. It’s the dizzying realization that this devotion is infinite, both eye opening and blinding at the same time, it will burn as hot as the sun but also leave you chilled to the bone. This unending connection will lead you to the ends of the earth, through time and space with an energy that simply cannot be destroyed.









Having announced themselves on the world stage with their debut release, ‘Secrets’ in 2019 they then combined with some of the biggest names in Rock Music in 2021 to release ‘The Collab Project’, Featuring Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D and Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens, the EP has received critical acclaim, millions of streams and has delighted fans worldwide.  

They are one of the highest streamed rock
bands from New Zealand, having amassed more than 360,000 monthly listeners, 62,000
followers and more than 80 million streams on Spotify and over 134,000
subscribers and 94 million views on YouTube. Previous singles ‘Not Afraid To
Die’, ‘Genius’ and ‘Timebombs & Hurricanes’ have all received Highly
Commended Awards in the prestigious International Song Writing
Competition. Recent releases GIVE ‘EM HELL and MISERY have both raced up
the SMR charts for mainstream and active rock radio in the US.

With their sophomore album ‘THE LIGHTHOUSE’ set to drop on July 26 as well as their first tour of Australia and a return to
Europe and the UK in November, Written By Wolves have well and truly announced
themselves on the world stage and are back; bigger and better than ever.